No two water heating systems are exactly the same, which is why RECO USA builds systems to meet a particular requirement, as we did for this client. In this example, we custom designed two 950-gallon stainless steel vessels with double wall heat exchangers for a national food manufacturer in the Mid-west.

Varying Hot Water Demand Swings

Commercial Water HeatersIt’s not uncommon for food manufacturers to have varying hot water needs throughout the day. In this example the manufacturer’s demand for hot water varied from a low of 10 GPM to a high of 600 GPM, with the change occurring over a short period of time.

The client used hot water in their batch process, and for the washdown and clean-up of their equipment, which caused the high spikes in demand, but they were also so fairly short lived.

Providing Two 950-Gallon Stainless Steel Vessels

In order to solve the problem of varying load demand, we designed two 950-gallon solid duplex, stainless steel vessels with double-walled heat exchangers. Each heat exchanger was sized to produce hot water at the rate of 300 gallons per minute (GPM).

Armed with 1,900-gallons of stored hot water, and a system capable of producing 600 gallons per minute of additional hot water, we made running out of a hot water a thing of the past for this food processor.

How Long Does All This Take?

Food Manufacturer Production LineOriginal planning started over a year before the project officially began, which is not uncommon for large-scale projects such as this. However, from the time we got the official “go ahead”, we were able to design, build, test, and ship these two systems in under three months.

Today, the customer remains very satisfied with their new water heating system, which now accommodates large variations in hot water usage. We’ve helped them eliminate all the capacity problems that previously plagued their production line, and their overall production has increased as a result.


RECO USA custom builds water tanks and hot water heating systems for a wide variety of commercial businesses, manufacturers, and industrial facilities. We also keep standard tanks and systems on hand and offer quick-ship options for many of our commercial water heating systems.

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