RECO USA, America’s leading supplier of water heating and storage equipment, is pleased to announce being awarded three major contracts over the past month. These contracts (one for a new chemical plant, one for a major agrichemical expansion, and the third for a large commercial hospital project) by themselves represent over six months of work for our plant.

“These projects add to what was already a healthy and growing production backlog”, Bob Platt, President of RECO USA said. “And in each case it was our responsiveness, reputation for quality, and ability to execute to the project timelines that were the deciding factors for us”.

With these contracts we expect to be adding to our manufacturing and QC base over the next few months. These contracts also put our order intake well ahead of forecast, and by the end of 2nd quarter we expect our 2020 bookings to exceed our total for all of 2019.

Engineering on these contracts is now underway, with delivery of the units starting in June and continuing through year end.

For more information, contact us or call us at 803-794-3360.