RECO USA, America’s leading supplier of water heating and storage equipment, is pleased to introduce the HX2® as RECO USA’s next generation of semi-instantaneous water heaters. Lighter, smaller, and more thermally efficient than ever before, these heaters provide up to 6 million BTU’s / hour as standard, with higher capacities possible.

At the heart of the HX2 is our Control Master® panel with a digital PAC controller. The Control Master has an easy-to-navigate LCD panel for local monitoring and set point adjustment. It accepts remote set point changes and can transmit readings by analog or digital signals via standard Modbus® or optional BACnet® communications protocols.

“The HX2 Series, with its modular structure and sizes based off a common platform, represents a major change in how we design and build our Commercial products,” Bob Platt, President of RECO USA said. “Every aspect of how we bring these products to market has been challenged, and the HX2 is the first of many new and competitive Commercial products we will be introducing over the next 12 to 18 months.”

Standard HX2 units will be available with pre-engineered submittal packages and deliveries in 5 to 6 weeks for both vertical and horizontal units. The standard configuration will include a 316L stainless steel tank, double wall copper tubes, and an electrically actuated control valve. Single wall tubes, Cu-Ni tanks, and several other options will also be available. The HX2’s warranty has also been extended to cover the pressure vessel for a full 10 years and the tube bundle for 5 years.

These units are now in the final phase of completion, and will include all-new self-selection and pricing tools for our sales reps as well as all-new sales and sales support literature. Further details on availability will be announced shortly.

For more information, contact us @ or call us at 803-794-3360.