New Purchasing Manager of RECO USA

New Purchasing Manager of RECO USA

William Langley, Purchasing Manager RECO USA

RECO USA, America’s leading supplier of water heating and storage equipment, is pleased to announce William Langley has been promoted as our new Purchasing Manager effective September 23, 2019. 

Will has been with RECO USA for 13 years, and for most of this time he has been in our Commercial product sales group.

“This is a good move for Will, and a good move for RECO USA,”Bob Platt, President of RECO USA said. “Will brings a great deal of knowledge and experience to the job, and we can already see a difference he and his team are making”

In this new role he will oversee our vendor relations, purchasing, and inventory management areas. Prior to RECO USA, Will spent six years in the US Air Force, leaving with an Honorable Discharge.

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