ASME Code Vessels

RECO USA builds custom tanks and pressure vessels to ASME, API, and UL codes – and many others.  Our line of ASME code vessels can be custom-built to nearly any specification, diameter, length, or pressure rating.  They are available in above-ground, underground, vertical, horizontal, and lined or unlined configurations.  We are an ASME code shop with U, H, HLW, and R stamps.

Download Our ASME Vessel Fabrication Brochure

We take quality very seriously and are dedicated to a robust quality assurance program.  After a pressure vessel has been through our rigorous quality control process, a full-time and independent third-party inspector typically performs a secondary analysis to make sure the vessel satisfies the contract specifications.

Examples of the applications we build pressure vessels for:

  • Blowdown Tanks
  • Pressure Filter Tanks
  • Accumulators
  • Air Receivers
  • Flash Tanks
  • Process Vessels
  • Water Filtration Systems

Hydro-pneumatic Tanks

Hydro-pneumatic tanks are designed to hold both water and pressurized air.  Adding pressurized air to a water tank creates the pressure needed keep water moving out of the tank without needing to have a pump running throughout the drawdown cycle.  This saves energy and improves efficiency – especially when relatively small amounts of water are needed from the tank at any given time.

Our hydro-pneumatic tanks have been used in the well water industry for years and are ASME stamped with pressure ratings from 50 to 250 psig.  Standard capacities range from 500 to 40,000 gallons with diameters typically from 30” to 144”.

All tanks that are epoxy lined and exterior coated or insulated are done so in-house at our facility.  Our epoxy-lined tanks meet NSF 61 requirements. All are either primed or custom painted exteriors to project specifications.

Standard Hydro-pneumatic Tank Sizes

Pressure Rating
1000 42 x 168 125 1471
2000 60 x 168 125 2806
3000 66 x 204 125 4916
5000 72 x 288 125 6670

There are a number of application areas for hydro-pneumatic tanks, and any industry that uses irrigation pumps or well water could benefit by using this type of tank arrangement.

  • Farming Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Water Treatment Industry
  • Country Clubs
  • Mobile Home Parks
  • Rural Planned Home Development Sites
  • Irrigation of Grass
  • Pulp & Paper Industry


Quite a few process industries use fractionating columns to separate mixtures and liquids into component parts.  Our custom-designed columns are also built to meticulous safety and quality standards.  The large-scale columns we build hold massive quantities of mixtures and can be built to whatever specifications your particular need requires. Examples of the columns we build include:

  • Process Towers
  • Scrubber Towers
  • Packed & Trayed Columns
  • Tray Towers, Frac Towers, & Bubble Trays
  • Distillation Columns
  • Exhaust Stacks
  • Platforms
  • Ladders & Handrails


Large process reactor vessels generate chemical reactions in a safe and contained space.  Our jacketed reactor vessels range in size and materials and typically come with various custom features and components. Our ability to custom design these vessels means our team will be able to go above and beyond to meet your industrial reactor needs.

  • Half-piped Jackets
  • Dimpled Jackets
  • Conventional Jackets
  • Internal Coils
  • Agitators
  • Internal Baffles