Domestic Water Heaters

RECO USA offers a full range of domestic water heaters. This includes heaters with or without storage (i.e., instantaneous and semi-instantaneous) and heaters designed for using steam, boiler water, or hot water as the heating medium​.

This chart demonstrates which solution is best for your specific heating medium and hot water recovery rates.

HX2 Series

The HX2 Series is RECO USA’s next generation of semi-instantaneous water heaters. Lighter, smaller, and more thermally efficient than ever before, the HX2 delivers up to 6.0 million BTU/HR of heating as standard, with higher capacities possible.





ThermoMaster indirect-fired water heaters provide high recovery, tight temperature control and dependability.  The forced circulation feature is standard on all units and helps to provide precisely controlled hot water for high peak loads.  By combining high recovery capacities with hot water storage, the system makes efficient use of the steam or hot water available as the heating source.

Plate Exchanger-Thermo-PlatePAC

The Thermo-PlatePAC (TPV) is an ASME-rated domestic hot water system comprising of a storage tank integrated with a plate heat exchanger and all of the necessary operating controls.  With this simple design all an installer has to do is connect to the inlet and outlet points and instantaneous hot water is available.

Plate Exchanger-BPHX

The BPHX is designed around a brazed-plate type of heat exchanger (BPHX) for a very compact and effective domestic hot water heating solution.  It is designed for water temperatures typically associated with condensing boilers or thermal solar collectors (i.e., T < 180 F).