Plate Exchanger-BPHX Water Heater


Packaged Instantaneous Water Heaters

The BPHX is designed around a plate-type heat exchanger (PHX) for a very compact and effective domestic hot water heating solution.  It is designed for use with water temperatures typically associated with condensing boilers or thermal solar collectors (i.e., T < 180 F).  Factory assembled with all operating controls included, the BPHX  includes copper tubing throughout the domestic water side and a plate heat exchanger to facilitate the domestic water heating.  As a result, it is also a very compact unit, with a footprint of less than 13 sq. ft. for minimal space requirements.

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The standard BPHX can supply 140 F hot water at a continuous rate of up 3,000 GPH, with larger capacities possible.

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Detail Specifications / Application

Model Numbering: SBPHX-SS-SL140-60-DELW Single Heat Exchanger, Brazed Plate, Stainless Steel Plates, SL140 Series HX, 60 Plates, Double Wall Construction, Electronic Control, for Boiler Water Packages available with stacked heaters or with redundant heat exchangers for backup.

Product Information

Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger (Single or Double Wall) Modulating P.I.D. Temperature Control 2 or 3 way Electrically Actuated Control Valve Bronze Circulating Pump Fully Assembled on a Structural Skid Mounted Package