Plate Exchanger-Thermo-Plate PAC

The Thermo-Plate PAC (TPV) is an ASME-rated domestic hot water storage tank which is factory assembled to a plate heat exchanger with all the necessary operating controls. An installer just needs to hook up a few required inlet and outlet connections.

Download the ThermoPlatePac TPV Brochure

Save energy with faster hot water replenishment

These Indirect Fired Storage Water Heaters save energy through a highly efficient boiler water heating system. that achieves optimum high heat transfer through our custom plate heat exchanger. The result – more efficient and faster hot water replenishment. A great alternative where U-tube exchangers fall short.

Ideal For Use With:

  • Lower boiler water temperatures from high efficiency condensing boilers
  • Heating domestic water with solar water from thermal solar collectors

Standard Package Includes:

  • Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger (Single or Double Wall)
  • Modulating P.I.D. Temperature Control
  • 2 or 3 way Electrically Actuated Control Valve
  • Bronze Circulator Pump
  • Insulated and Jacketed Ultra-Stone Lined Tank
  • Fully Assembled on a Structural Skid Mounted Package

Typical Applications

Hospitals, industrial plants, correctional facilities, universities and all facilities requiring large volumes of hot water.

Download a Thermo-Plate PAC PDF for more information

Contact your sales rep for more information or to custom design your Thermo-Plate PAC.

Detail Specifications / Application

ASME-rated, Ultra Stone Lined Storage Vessel, Insulated to ASHRAE Standards

Product Information

Add Tank & Boiler Water Thermometers