ThermoMaster Indirect-fired Steam & Boiler Water Heaters provide high recovery, tight temperature control, and dependability. Forced circulation provides controlled, accurate hot water for high peak loads. By combining high recovery capacities with storage, the system makes effective use of the available energy source. They use steam, boiler water or HTHW as the heating medium.

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Complete Packaged System provides multiple benefits

Components are engineered to specific application requirements. Water and utility connections can be hooked up in the field. Exact storage requirements for peak load demands are combined with a forced circulation recovery section. Spatial requirements are less than normally needed by conventional storage type heaters. Integral recirculation assures a full supply of hot water on demand. ThermoMaster is an excellent choice for commercial, industrial and institutional applications.


  • Facilities with large hot water needs
  • Hotels, apartment buildings, military buildings, and hospitals
  • Facilities with a central energy source


  • Facilities that exhibit high demand periods at intervals throughout the day
  • Handles short cycle, high demand needs
  • Dormitories, schools, and correctional complexes


  • Equipment washdown
  • Shower, cafeteria, wash stations
  • Controlled hot water for manufacturing processes

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Detail Specifications / Application

Selection of corrosion resistant linings, forced internal circulation,ready for service connections,built to current code requirements, capacities – 165 to 4,765 gal., steam or boiler water heating medium. Copper-nickel or stainless steel tubes. Single & Double wall construction.

Product Information

Capacity – Heat Exchanger consists of a sheathed tube in shell configuration. 165-4,765 Gallons. Horizontal or vertical configurations Pneumatic, electric or self-contained 2 way steam service.

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